RES.Q is a cloud-based quality management solution which helps you streamline quality inspection through a digital, interface-driven process and provide you with 360° visibility into production quality across your factory floor.

The solution leverages real-time analytics to eliminate reporting time lags, resolve quality issues faster, reduce wastage and help you improve your overall cut-to-ship ratio.

Solution Overview


Eliminate time-consuming report generation. Get instant access to a range of standard and customer-tailored reports.


Monitor production line output and key quality indicators to identify which production lines are best suited for specific garment types.


Empower users with tools to identify defects, take efficient corrective action, delegate tasks and track progress towards resolution.


Access real-time production quality data, anytime, anywhere and make more accurate, data-driven decisions.


RES.Q can be used as a standalone system or can be integrated with your existing ERP system to ensure you always have the latest data.


A cloud-ready solution, RES.Q enables you to scale in line with your business needs and leverage the global security and safety best practices of Microsoft.



Garments Checked


Defective Garments Found


Empowered Employees




We leverage over 100 years of apparel manufacturing expertise as well as expertise in the latest enterprise IT solutions to help you make more informed, data-driven decisions to dramatically improve your production quality.


Industry 4.0 champions the concept of the “Smart Factory” and the age of “Data-Driven Manufacturing”: The optimization of data captured in real-time to provide visibility into the entire manufacturing process, and enable quick and effective decisions to be made.


RES.Q|QMS adopts a hybrid approach to smart manufacturing which combines unique, human-assessment driven apparel manufacturing processes with the very latest in digitization and automation to help you make your first step towards a smarter factory.


RES.Q|QMS now offers training and certification programs for Quality Advocates and Quality Administrators to ensure they not only get the most use of the smart factory solution, but also learn the latest in smart factory best practices and stay globally competitive.

Customers Succeeding With Res.Q

What our customers are saying

“RES.Q has given us the ability to fulfill our commitment to quality with our clients”

As a group quality executive,I am in charge of monitoring and evaluating quality standards of multiple factories. Compiling information across the group has always proven to be time-consuming and a challenge.

With RES.Q, I can now monitor the entire group’s quality metrics in real-time and get instant customer-wise reporting with ease. As a result, we are able to give our buyers greater confidence in our commitment to quality and secure future orders.

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Kaveesh Wijesinghe

Kaveesh Wijesinghe

Senior Executive, Quality Assurance, Hirdaramani Group

“I can access production-crucial information & reports on-the-go anytime”

With total visibility into my factories’ data in the palm of my hand, I can better understand the status of quality, plan production with greater accuracy, and achieve an overall higher efficiency.

What’s more, I no longer need to be confined to the factory to receive production-crucial information and reports. I can access real-time data on-the-go.

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Lasantha Ranasinghe

Lasantha Ranasinghe

General Manager, Operations Administration, Hirdaramani Mercury Apparel

“With RES.Q our defect rate dropped by 25%”

The solution has had an immense impact on our operations. Management is now able to access analytical dashboards with the data they need to make decisions, whether they are in the office, or on-the-go.

Instead of spending days preparing reports from manually compiled documents, our quality leadership team has shifted their entire focus to resolving production-critical issues. They use the system to identify the root cause of issues within minutes and take corrective action to minimize their impact on production. We have so far experienced a 25% reduction in our defect rates in initial production runs, as a direct result of this focus shift.

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Denver Jayasundera

Denver Jayasundera

Group General Manager, Jo Lanka



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Rakhil Hirdaramani

Rakhil Hirdaramani

Director, Hirdaramani Group
Samath Fernando

Samath Fernando

Chief Executive Officer, H One
Thushitha Kularatne

Thushitha Kularatne

Head of Business Solutions, H One

A message from our CEO

We developed RES.Q because we know the challenges faced by apparel manufacturers intimately. We field-tested our solution for over a year within Hirdaramani factories. We were deliberate and methodical because it was really important to us to get this right. Now, the end product can be used by any apparel manufacturer to make highly informed decisions quickly and efficiently to significantly reduce the huge losses the apparel industry is making due to quality issues. - SAMATH FERNANDO